Halogen-free PPS Resin

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A component for CD pickup lenses A component for CD pickup lenses

Mainly in the computer industry, the effort of eliminating halogens (i.e., chlorine and bromine, which trigger the formation of dioxin, the causative agents for environmental destruction) from products is intensifying.

PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) from DIC is used as a material for electronic parts, such as connectors, optical pickup devices. Although the PPS resin does not use any halogen-derived fire retardants, it is regarded as a halogen-containing resin due to a trace amount of chlorine, which is inevitable due to its structure. So, requests for decreasing the chlorine content were increasing. By combining its own polymerization expertise with an alloying technology, DIC has successfully decreased the chlorine content of the PPS resin to a level lower than the requirement level, 900 ppm. Thus, DIC has completed the lineup of low-halogen PPS compounds.


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