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Special topics 2017

Inkjet Inks for Industrial and Office Printer

Helping to Reduce Vehicle Weight, Improve Fuel Efficiency and Lower CO2 Emissions

<i>SEPAREL</i>® Hollow-Fiber Membranes and Membrane Modules

Providing Materials that Facilitate Safe and Secure Production and Use

Firefighting Foam (MEGAFOAM)

Delivering Easy Storability and Portability, IZANO Helmets Help Prevent and Mitigate Injuries in Disaster Situations

Special topics 2016

Inkjet Inks for Industrial and Office Printer

Color solutions for customers in filds ranging from outdoor signage to textiles

<i>SEPAREL</i>® Hollow-Fiber Membranes and Membrane Modules

Hollow-fber membranes that facilitate the removal of gas from and dissolving of gas into liquids

Firefighting Foam (MEGAFOAM)

Rich color and superior safety contribute to the cosmetics industry

Special topics 2015


Adhesive for packaging film that prevents oxygen permeation and keeps foods fresh longer

Epoxy Resin and Curing Agent for Infrastructure Renovation (<i>EPICLON</i> with <i>LUCKAMIDE</i>)

Superior adhesiveness, even on damp surfaces, shortens repair times and improves workability

Firefighting Foam (MEGAFOAM)

Foam extinguishing agent quickly extinguishes fires involving hazardous substances, thereby minimizing damage

Special topics 2014

Ceranate : Hybrid Resin for Coating

Seeking to shield houses and other structures from UV rays and air pollution

Hybranch :Hyperbranched Polystyrene

Enhancing the environmental performance of food containers, electrical appliance components and insulating materials

Solar Cells : Materials for Solar Cells

Seeking to extend the lives of solar cell modules

Lithium Ion Batteries : Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Contributing to the evolution of highperformance batteries is essential in a smart technology-based society

Printed Electronics : Materials for Printed Electronics

Making today’s advanced information society easier to navigate and more environment-friendly

Special topics 2013

Inks/adhesives for food packaging

We want to use them with security because we need them in our lives.

FRP sheet pile for construction

Faster and safer sewer construction that supports our living environment

Epoxy resins/curing agents for electronic substrate

Even convenient tools that support the information society must be considerate to the environment.

special topics 2012

The DIC Group:Striving for a Sustainable Society Utilizing the Power of Chemistry to Solve Problems and Create New Value

Shipping, information, housing, food products—there are number of problems that need solving in the industrial fields that support our daily lifestyles. Through creative development of new products, the DIC Group is contributing to solutions for such problems while generating new value.

Placing top priority on safety, the environment and health while maximizing benefits from chemical products

While supporting customer lifestyles through our wide variety of chemical products, the DIC Group makes efforts to ensure safety, protect the environment and ensure health in every phase of the product life-cycle.

Our Efforts in Environmental Responsiveness with Printing Ink Products

Ink products not using hazardous substances (soy-oil ink and vegetable ink) of which decrease the use of petroleum-derived solvents have been developed.

Urethane Resin for Artificial Leather

In order to respond to the requirement for the decreasing of VOC inside the vehicle, we are also putting our efforts into the development of environmentally friendly products, such as toluene-free and water-based materials.

Halogen-free PPS Resin

DIC has successfully decreased the chlorine content of the PPS resin to a level lower than the requirement level, 900 ppm. Thus, DIC has completed the lineup of low-halogen PPS compounds.


DIC has developed various types of adhesives to prevent the release of VOC such as a high-solid type in which the amount of organic solvent is reduced, a water-based type for which tap water can be used.


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