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DIC's polyisocyanate BURNOCK can be used mainly as hardeners for 2K curing systems. They are used in a wide range of applications, from wood and floor coatings to anti-corrosion coatings for iron bridges and tanks, automobile refinishing, and coatings for automotive parts.
DIC has aromatic types with excellent drying properties and aliphatic types with excellent light resistance. In addition, for aliphatic types, we offer adduct types with excellent flexibility and rigid isocyanurate types. Please choose according to your purpose.

In order to meet the global needs of formulation proposal including polyols as the main agent and reducing the environmental impact of coating systems, we will expand the lineup of waterborne polyisocyanate products that can respond to environmental challenges such as reduction of odor and the amount of organic solvents used. 

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We also offer a variety of polyols to use in combination with hardeners. Let us know your needs.

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