Apr. 2, 2018

DIC Graphics Opens the DIC Packaging Solution Center

—Facility for collaboration between DIC Graphics and customers in the planning, design and commercialization of packaging—

Tokyo, Japan–DIC Corporation announced that its subsidiary DIC Graphics Corporation has established the DIC Packaging Solution Center, a facility for collaboration between the company and customers, in the development of packaging, primarily for food products and everyday commodities, from planning and design through to commercialization. 

DIC Packaging Solution Center

Recent years have seen a sharp increase in needs arising from expanded awareness of sustainability issues in the packaging market. In addition to design-related concerns, including the differentiation of brands and the creation of a unified brand image, requirements in terms of product safety and shelf life are growing, as a result of which packaging is growing increasingly diverse and complex. Such trends have bolstered calls from brand owners and package designers, as well as from converting companies responsible for printing and processing, for accelerated product development, more precise quality evaluations and the reflection of cutting-edge design trends. 

Leveraging basic technologies accumulated since its establishment, including those in the areas of dispersion, polymer design and applicability assessment, the DIC Group has built a broad portfolio of packaging materials that encompasses printing inks, coatings, adhesives and multilayer films. The Group is also capitalizing on its diverse color assets, which include the DIC Color Guide, recognized as the de facto standard for color selection in Japan, to spread awareness of the concept of color universal design, a design system that promotes the use of color schemes that are easily discerned by people with diverse types of color vision, thereby ensuring that information is conveyed accurately to as many people as possible. The DIC Packaging Solution Center will take advantage of the convenient location of DIC’s Tokyo Plant and the DIC Group’s expertise as a professional in the creation of packaging, in both materials and information, to swiftly propose effective solutions to customers’ challenges. 

DIC Packaging Solution Center
DIC Corporation Tokyo Plant
35-38, Sakashita 3-chome, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo 174-8520, Japan
Inquiries: dpsc@ma.dic.co.jp



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