Mar. 16, 2018

DIC Increases Plant’s Production Capacity for Polystyrene

—Annual production capacity increased to 208,000 metric tonnes to facilitate stable supplies to the growing market for food trays—

Tokyo, Japan–DIC Corporation announced that it has increased the annual production capacity for polystyrene of its Yokkaichi Plant, in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, to 208,000 metric tonnes, from 171,000 metric tonnes, by reinforcing production facilities and optimizing production processes. Investment was not disclosed. Expanded production commenced in November 2017.

Yokkaichi Plant

Yokkaichi Plant

Valued for its transparency, foamability and moldability, polystyrene is odorless, making it a popular choice for used in food trays for lunch boxes and prepared foods sold at, for example, convenience stores and supermarkets. Japan’s overall market for ready-made meals is growing, owing to an increase in single-person households, among others. Of particular note, the popularity of smaller food trays is rising, as is the number of consumers making multi-item purchases, driving up the volume of food trays on the market. Also, while manufacturers are using heat-resistant plastic food trays with the aim of broadening their product ranges, the insulating properties of foamed polystyrene—which mean that food trays made from this material do not get as hot as those made with heat-resistant plastic—continue to earn high marks from a safety perspective. Accordingly, demand for polystyrene for food trays in Japan is expected to continue expanding steadily, as a result of which the market is expected to increase by 8% from the 2016 level by 2020.


In addition to polystyrene products DICSTYRENE, which boasts excellent transparency and impact resistance, and HYBRANCH hyperbranched polystyrene, which offers superb moldability, DIC’s polystyrene products lineup includes RYULEX transparent heat-resistant styrene-based resins. By increasing its production capacity, DIC has positioned itself to respond to expanding demand by ensuring a stable supply of products. The Company seeks to boost its domestic sales of polystyrene products by 10% from the fiscal year 2017 level by fiscal year 2023.


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