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DeReSus® [Developed product]

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What is DeReSus®?

This is DIC's special technology that removes printing ink and coating agents from film during material recycling, improving the purity of recycled materials. (Patent applied for)
DIC will realize the expansion of the production and use of sustainable materials through this material recycling.

Recycles from households are difficult to collect and separate.

With the "Plastic Resource Circulation Promotion Act" going into effect in April 2022, each local government, ward, town, or village must establish standards for separating waste from plastic products, and ensure that waste is properly separated and discharged according to those standards. We must make every effort to make the public aware of this.
However,*1 a survey by the Ministry of the Environment found that only 72 municipalities and wide-area administrative associations nationwide are considering introducing the system within three years of its implementation.

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Reference source:Domestic and international situations surrounding plastics [Reference materials collection]

Separating plastic waste at home for recycling is a difficult task!

After that, what DIC's Delisas will work on

DIC will use Delisus' technology to work on what it can do as soon as possible. In order to reduce waste plastic, we will first create a system to recycle waste plastic before it reaches the market.

Market value and demand for recycled plastics are increasing year by year

Awareness about achieving SDGs goals, decarbonization, and a recycling-oriented society is increasing around the world, and the market size for plastic recycling in Japan, the EU, and the United States is expected to increase toward 2030. In Japan, a cycle of collecting, recycling, and remanufacturing used PET bottles and other used plastic bottles, and collecting used plastics through collaboration between local governments and companies, is progressing, and the market and demand for recycled plastics is increasing year by year. It's on the rise.

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