Realizing colorful food packaging on paper substrates

Realizing colorful food packaging on paper substrates
  • About Ink product: SunPak® Direct Food Plus, Water-based OPV: SunStar DFC OPV/Coating (DFC (Direct Food Contact) series)

  • ・Gives your paper packaging water and oil resistance.

Good hygiene

  • Printing on the inner surface in direct contact with food possible.
  • Water-based OPV/Coating that can come into direct food contact, based on selection of food safe raw materials.
  • Water-based OPV/Coating can be used instead of films (not approved in Japan)

Designability and Environmental Contribution

Designability and Environmental Contribution
  • Take lead in contributing to global level’s SDGs with better-designed and more eco-friendly paper packaging.
  • Meets standards in Europe and the US.
  • Paper is more recyclable than film.

DIC's trust and trackrecord

  • Full DIC support system.
  • DIC will advise you on the best printing/coating conditions to meet your requirements.
Full DIC support system

We have received DFC (Direct Food Contact) approval in the European region.

You can realize attractive paper packaging, and eliminate the use of film at the same time.
Why don’t’ you design your packaging with higher consumer experience together with DIC’s DFC series?

All you need to know in 60 seconds about DFC (Direct Food Contact) series

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