Jan. 5, 2018

2018 New Year Message

The New Year's Message from Kaoru Ino, President and CEO of DIC Corporation is as follows. 


In 2017, the second year ofDIC108”, medium-term management plan, sales of some high-value-added products were not as strong as expected, and the prices of raw materials in general were affected. Despite these factors, we expect operating income and recurring income to reach record highs for the second consecutive year. 

Fiscal 2018 marks the 110th anniversary of DIC and is the year in which the next medium-term management plan will be formulated. This is a year in which we think once again about our business in the midst of major social changes, such as the wave of digitization and the entry into a society with a declining population. 

Upon assuming the position of president, I pictured the image of DIC in ten years.
[A unique global company trusted by society]
・Under the unique brand slogan, “Color & Comfort”, DIC has a wide range of global No.1 businesses.
・Corporate value which gains sympathy from people through “Diversity” makes a company respected and loved throughout the world.
・Co-creation of value among employees, customers and shareholders creates “an attractive DIC brand”. 

A company is a place where individuals can play an active role, and the "convergence of individual diversity" creates organizational dynamism. The entire company will work together to envision a society in which we can contribute to social change, and ultimately share "vision" throughout the entire organization. 

I hope that all employees will continue to play an active role this year without forgetting the basics of "Safety First." 


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