November 15, 2016

DIC Achieves Leadership Level Score of A- in the CDP’s Climate Change Assessment Program in 2016

Tokyo, Japan–DIC today announced that it has been recognized by the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), a global nonprofit organization, for reaching the leadership level in the CDP’s climate change assessment program in 2016, receiving high marks for its efforts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and its disclosure and earning overall score of A-, second only to the top score of A. Approximately 5,500 leading global companies participated in the program in 2016, including 500 headquartered Japan. 

The CDP currently assesses responses submitted by participating companies on four levels. To reach the highest level—leadership—companies must score highly in three preceding levels (disclosure, awareness and management). Companies attaining leadership status are eligible for a score of A or A-. A total of 81 Japanese companies reached the leadership level in 2016, with 22 earning a score of A and 59 a score of A-. The highest result among Japanese materials manufacturers was A-, which was secured by eight companies. 

Recent years have brought increased awareness of the importance of nonfinancial information, including that on environment, society and governance (ESG)-related issues, as a tool for appraising performance and making investment decisions. Participation in the CDP and other external programs that assess such information has thus become a crucial consideration in gauging corporate value. 

The CDP was established in 2000 in the United Kingdom. Since 2003, the organization has worked on behalf of global institutional investors to collect and analyze information on corporate initiatives to combat global warming, including efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to publish its findings worldwide. Currently backed by more than 800 institutional investors, representing assets in excess of US$100 trillion, the CDP seeks to motivate companies to disclose information on efforts to address climate change and its assessment program is acknowledged as of the most globally influential. 

With the goal of achieving a higher level of trust on the part of stakeholders and enhancing corporate value, the DIC Group is promoting ongoing measures aimed at achieving sustainability in a manner that takes into account, among others, the environment, ecosystems and socioeconomic issues. DIC has incorporated these priorities into its current medium-term management plan, DIC108. 

A leading global manufacturer of fine chemicals, the DIC Group is committed to reinforcing its sustainability initiatives and providing, in the words of its corporate phrase, “Color & Comfort by Chemistry.” As such, the Group will continue working to contribute to environmental protection and the creation of a society that ensures safety and peace of mind for people everywhere, as well as to deliver the value that its stakeholders—including its customers, suppliers, local communities, shareholders and investors, and employees—expect.


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