April 8, 2014

DIC Group Participating in American Coatings SHOW 2014

Participation aimed at bolstering efforts to augment sales channels for polymers products in the United States

Tokyo, Japan-DIC Corporation and subsidiary Sun Chemical are participating together in the American Coatings SHOW, which starts today and runs through April 10 in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. The two companies are displaying a wide selection of coatings-related offerings, with a particular focus on pigments and polymers products. By exhibiting together with Sun Chemical, a well-known name in the U.S. market, DIC aims to bolster efforts to augment local sales channels for its polymers products.

Outline of DIC –Sun Chemical booth

In addition to showcasing its broad portfolio of effect, high-performance and classic pigments, Sun Chemical is also displaying new products, including its elastomer black and pearlescent pigments, as well as metallic pigments produced by Benda-Lutz Werke Gmbh, a wholly owned subsidiary acquired by Sun Chemical in 2012.

DIC is presenting a variety of high-performance resins and additives that are vital to the creation of superior coatings, including polysiloxane–acrylic hybrid and silicon acrylic resins, urethane dispersions, fluorochemicals and cobalt-free driers, highlighting its ability to provide effective solutions by leveraging its extensive product lineup. DIC is also participating in the concurrent American Coatings CONFERENCE, where it will introduce its groundbreaking ultraviolet (UV)-curable organic–inorganic hybrid resins, which deliver exceptional resistance to weathering and scratches, thereby demonstrating the outstanding technological capabilities of the DIC Group.

The DIC Group is committed to maximizing its collective strengths to craft solutions that respond to the needs of customers. The combined exhibition of Sun Chemical pigments and DIC resins at the American Coatings SHOW underscores the Group’s ability to supply products for a full range of coatings applications in the automotive, architectural and other industries.

The companies of the DIC Group are working as one to augment sales channels worldwide, evidenced by the Group’s participation in a trade show in India with a concept similar to that of the American Coatings SHOW in March 2014, which earned solid reviews from visitors. In particular, the Group is taking steps to accelerate the global expansion of its polymers business in line with its medium-term management plan, DIC105. These include increasing production in overseas markets as a percentage of overall output and taking part in exhibitions in other locations that will help it increase sales channels.

Noted for its ability to provide products sought by customers and markets worldwide, the DIC Group will continue striving to offer distinctive solutions that allow it to grow together with its customers, as well as to achieve the targets of DIC105.

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