DIC Technical Review2003

DlC Technical Review 2003

DlC Technical Review 2003

DIC Technical Review 2003 [PDF:2,076KB]PDF


in Japanese [PDF:186KB]PDF


  1. Microcapsule Pigmented Jet Ink

    in Japanese [PDF:149KB]PDF

  2. Biological Control of Bacillus Popilliae against Larvae of Scarabaeid Beetles

    in Japanese [PDF:388KB]PDF


  1. Liquid Crystal Alignment Materials Using Low Molecular-weight Azo Dye Derivatives

    in Japanese [PDF:174KB]PDF

  2. Properties of Fluorinated Liquid Crystalline Naphthalens

    in Japanese [PDF:174KB]PDF

  3. Characteristics of New Chiral Dopants and Their Applications

    in Japanese [PDF:174KB]PDF

  4. Long-time Relaxation of Suspensions Flocculated by Associating Polymers

    in English [PDF:101KB]PDF

  5. New Hyperbranched Polyesters for UV-Curing

    in English [PDF:182KB]PDF

  6. Disruptive Technologies: Opportunities for Organic Chemicals in Information Technology

    in English [PDF:67KB]PDF

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