DIC Technical Review1999

DlC Technical Review 1999

DlC Technical Review 1999

DIC Technical Review 1999 [PDF:5,814KB]PDF


in Japanese [PDF:208KB]PDF


  1. Chemical Properties of Pigment Surface and Dispersion Stability

    in Japanese [PDF:309KB]PDF

  2. Technical Trends of Color Measurement

    in Japanese [PDF:486KB]PDF


  1. Development of Liquid Crystalline Azines for STN-LCD

    in Japanese [PDF:826KB]PDF

  2. Novel High-performance Crystalline Epoxy Resin Used for Semiconductor Molding Compound

    in Japanese [PDF:596KB]PDF

  3. New Phenolic Resins by the Reaction between Phenols and Divinylbenzene

    in Japanese [PDF:576KB]PDF

  4. The Relationship between the Diameter of Dispersed LPA Particles and Color Uniformity

    in Japanese [PDF:4,462KB]PDF

  5. Modification of Organic Pigments Using UV Radiation under Oxygen Atmosphere

    in Japanese [PDF:607KB]PDF

  6. The Relationship of Electron State and Curing Performance of Cobalt-amine Complex Dryer

    in Japanese [PDF:317KB]PDF

  7. Establishment of New Color-Match Prediction Theory for Incomplete Opacity by Analyzing Optical Density

    in Japanese [PDF:527KB]PDF

  8. Rheological Behavior of PMMA Powder/ Associating Polymer Suspensions

    in Japanese [PDF:607KB]PDF

  9. Quantitative Microanalysis of BPA by HPLC and GC/MS

    in Japanese [PDF:778KB]PDF

  10. Improvement of Gas-exchange Performances for the Artificial Lung "MENOX"

    in Japanese [PDF:1,823KB]PDF

  11. Characterization of Acrylates Used for UV-Curable Resins by GC/MS

    in English [PDF:561KB]PDF

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