DIC Technical Review2004

DlC Technical Review 2004

DlC Technical Review 2004

DIC Technical Review 2004 [PDF:2,414KB]PDF


in Japanese [PDF:153KB]PDF


  1. The Improvement of Toughness for Poly(lactic acid)

    in Japanese [PDF:671KB]PDF

  2. Aqueous Pigments Ink for High Photo Quality

    in Japanese [PDF:718KB]PDF


  1. Synthesis and Properties of Novel Hyperbranched Polystyrene

    in Japanese [PDF:640KB]PDF

  2. Designing of DVD Bonding Adhesive and Its Chemical Properties

    in English [PDF:599KB]PDF

  3. New Bonding Method for DVD-RAM with Spin-coating Using A Cationic Adhesive

    in English [PDF:556KB]PDF

  4. Rheology of Aqueous Suspensions of Polystyrene Particles with Bimodal Radius Distribution

    in English [PDF:573KB]PDF

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