DIC Technical Review2001

DlC Technical Review 2001

DlC Technical Review 2001

DIC Technical Review 2001 [PDF:2,972KB]PDF


in Japanese [PDF:250KB]PDF


  1. Relation between Chemical Structures and Characteristics on Epoxy Resins

    in Japanese [PDF:421KB]PDF

  2. Surface Modification of Polymers by Fluorosurfactants

    in Japanese [PDF:338KB]PDF

  3. Pretreatment of Analytical Samples with High-Frequency Heating

    in Japanese [PDF:226KB]PDF


  1. Physical Properties of Fluoro-Substituted 4-Cyanophenyl-4-Alkylbenzoates and their Application to STN-LCD

    in Japanese [PDF:466KB]PDF

  2. Design and Optical Property of Polymerizable Rod-Like Liquid Crystals

    in Japanese [PDF:209KB]PDF

  3. Physical Properties and Morphology of the Pigmentation Polypropylene Composite

    in Japanese [PDF:302KB]PDF

  4. Viscoelastic Measurement in High Frequency Range with New Rheometer Based on Mechanical Impedance Analysis

    in Japanese [PDF:184KB]PDF

  5. New Bonding Method of Optical Discs such as DVD-RAM

    in English [PDF:151KB]PDF

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