DIC Technical Review2000

DlC Technical Review 2000

DlC Technical Review 2000

DIC Technical Review 2000 [PDF:3,384KB]PDF


in Japanese [PDF:186KB]PDF


  1. Development of a Novel Instrument for the Rheological Measurement of Printing Inks

    in Japanese [PDF:444KB]PDF


  1. Encapsulation of Offset Ink Drier

    in Japanese [PDF:87KB]PDF

  2. The Profile Matched with the Color Appearance of the DIC Offset Color

    in Japanese [PDF:153KB]PDF

  3. Synthesis and Properties of Nematic Dibutenyltolan

    in Japanese [PDF:410KB]PDF

  4. The Photo Polymerization Induced Phase Separation Process in Liquid Crystal/Polymer Composite Films

    in Japanese [PDF:2,009KB]PDF

  5. Preparation of Semi-IPN Type Antifouling UF Membranes and Their Application

    in Japanese [PDF:2,167KB]PDF

  6. Optimization of Bias Magnetic Tape in a Remote Readable Data-Carrier using Amorphous Magnetostrictive Strip

    in English [PDF:256KB]PDF

  7. Blockcopolymerization by Macroinitiators having Acetophenone-type Photoinitiator Moieties

    in English [PDF:131KB]PDF

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