This page introduces products suited to binder applications.

Acrylic Resins

Used as binders for nonwoven fabric,and automotive interior materials, and in flocking applications.

Used in various processing treatments including impregnation, size press and coating.

Suited to electronics (copper clad laminates,insulator materials) and building materials applications (flooring materials, wallpaper and insulation).

Suited to thickener, foaming agent and cross-linking agent applications.

Urethane Resins

Used as reinforcing agents for engineering plastics in automobiles and electronic components. Also used as a reinforcing material for various construction materials like bathtubs, water storage tanks and plumbing pipes.

Phenolic Resins

Suited to applications that include disc pads, brake linings and clutch facings.

Used as binders for abrasive-coated cloth/paper and non-woven abrasive materials.

Suited to glass wool and rock wool insulation applications which are widely used in general housing.

Used in carbon fiber reinforced composite materials (C/C composites) and impervious graphite.

Used primarily as flame resistant materials.

Used in semiconductor resist, LCD display thin film transistor resist and printing material PS plate resist.

Butadiene Resin Latex

Used for hard finishing (molded products, others), soft finishing and adding durability.

Used in impregnation/size press processing and coating treatments.

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