Business Development

DIC has capitalized on its capabilities in organic pigments and synthetic resins, the principal material for printing inks, to build a broad portfolio. Today, DIC classifies its products in five business segments: Printing Inks, Fine Chemicals, Polymers, Compounds and Application Materials. Through these business segments, the DIC group works to provide products that respond to the needs of society and its customers.

Printing Inks

This segment focuses on printing inks, DIC’s mainstay business since its establishment. A global market leader, DIC boasts an extensive product portfolio ranging from publishing inks to inks and adhesives for packaging, enabling it to respond to the needs of customers worldwide.

Fine Chemicals

Products in this segment include a wide variety of materials indispensable to digital devices, including liquid crystal (LC) materials and organic pigments for color filters, which are expected to drive growth in the years ahead.


Capitalizing on DIC’s world-class technologies and know-how, this segment provides synthetic resins and resin-related products to a wide array of industries.


Capitalizing on a wealth of resin and organic pigment dispersion and compounding technologies cultivated since DIC’s founding, this segment offers products that respond to needs arising from growth in such key global markets as digital printing, automobiles and electronics.

Application Materials

This segment encompasses a diverse range of applied products, including industrial adhesive tapes, hollow-fiber membrane modules and coextruded multilayer films, made possible by the integration of DIC’s materials, coating, printing and molding technologies.

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