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MEGAFACE RS Series is a surface modifier developed by DIC's unique additive design techniques. Adding RS Series to UV coating provides functions to repel water and oil well and to prevent the adherence of fingerprints or stains to a coating film surface.
Since it possesses UV-reactive groups, it has excellent durability because fluorine components are secured to the surface of the coating. It can be used to protect the surface of optical films and the bodies of electronic devices.

RS-75 added to UV coating material
RS-75 added to UV coating material

MEGAFACE RS Series Features

  • Exhibits an effect that repels oil-based pens and fingerprints

  • The coating will have excellent fingerprint resistance ie prevention of fingerprint markings and also easy cleaning property.

  • Stain-guard performance improves by UV curing under nitrogen atomosphere.

  • Can be effectively used for partitions between display pixels because it repels oil only on the top surface when UV-curable.

  • Capable of adding chemical resistance including alkali resistance to the coating surface. It can also be used effectively for negative resist such as color resists because it can add chemical resistance to only the UV exposed sections.

Product Lineup

RS-75, which shows excellent performance in protecting the surface of optical films and electronic device bodies, and RS-72-K, a PGMEA solution suitable for resist applications.

  • MEGAFACE RS-75: Active components 40% (Solvent: MEK/MIBK=93/7)

  • MEGAFACE RS-72-K: Active components 30% (Solvent: PGMEA)

  • MEGAFACE RS-76-E: Active components 40% (Solvent: MEK/Ethyl acetate/MIBK=76/22/2)

  • MEGAFACE RS-76-NS: Active components 20% (No Solvent - Diluted with DPGDA)

  • MEGAFACE RS-78: Active components 40% (Solvent: MIBK)

  • MEGAFACE RS-90: Active components 10% (Solvent: HFX/MEK=74/26)

  • MEGAFACE RS-55: Active components 40% (Solvent: MIBK)

  • MEGAFACE RS-56: Active components 40% (Solvent: MIBK)

  • DPGDA: Dipropylene glycol diacrylate, HFX: 1,3-trifluoromethyl benzen

Application Examples & Surface Characteristics

Application examples Recommended product numbers Surface characteristics
Optical films (LCD, touchscreens), cellular telephones (screen, body) RS-75, RS-76-E, RS-76-NS, RS-90, RS-78, RS-55, RS-56 Stain resistance, slipperiness
Partitions (LCD black matrix, organic EL) RS-72-K Ink repellency
Color resist (LCD color filters) RS-72-K Film thinning prevention

Stain Resistance Experiment Comparison (Oil-based Pen)

  • Specimen creation conditions
    UV hard coating: DIC UNIDIC 17-806 + photoinitiator
    UV curing conditions: High-pressure mercury lamp 2.0 kJ/m2 <in nitrogen> or 3.5 kJ/m2 (in air)
    Coated film thickness: 7 μmBase material: PET
    Permanent ink used: Teranishi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. permanent ink, large (blue/black)
Additives MEGAFACE RS-75 No additives
Additive amount 1.0 wt%
Color of marker Blue Black Blue Black
UV-cured under nitrogen Marker is repelled Oil-based pen 3 Oil-based pen 4
Oil-based pen 1 Oil-based pen 2
UV-cured under air Oil-based pen 5 Oil-based pen 6 Oil-based pen 7 Oil-based pen 8

Fingerprint Resistance Experiment Comparison

  • The test specimen is the same as the stain resistance experiment
Additives MEGAFACE RS-75 No additives
Additive amount 1.0 wt%
Immediately after
fingerprints are left
(UV cured under nitrogen)
Fingerprint is repelled
Fingerprints are repelled
Fingerprint is heavily adhered
Fingerprints stained the surface
After wiping off the fingerprints
(UV cured under nitrogen)
Cleanly wiped off
Fingerprints are completely cleaned
Fingerprint lines remain
Traces of fingerprints remain

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