What is Thermal Detachment Cell Cultureware?

Harvesting and Collecting Cells Easily!
Surface of the cultureware is hydrophobic and adhesive property to cells during cell culturing, while it changes to hydrophilic and un-adhesive property at the lower temperature, which allows to detach cells without any damages.

■ Only exchanging to cold medium, collecting cells easily
■ Without enzymes, collect cells with high yield and easy way
■ No complicated operations such as PBS rinse or enzyme treatment
■ No physical stress and damage due to not scraping
■ Suitable for automated cell culture system because of omitting the scraping process
■ No damage to antigens on the surface of the cell surface
■ S-type and W-type with different surface treatments are enable to cover various cells.

iPS cell-derived differentiated cells, Mesenchymal stem cells, Fibroblasts, Neurons, Macrophages, Primary cells, Cell lines, etc.

【Cell culture condition】
Bone-marrow derived Mesenchymal stem cells
3 days
Culture medium: Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth Medium (Promocell)

Without enzymes


Cells cultured on Cepallet® cultureware. Then harvested by thermal treatment, and re-seeded on the TC-treated cultureware.

 TC-treated cultureware
TC-treated cultureware

Cells cultured on TC-treated cultureware. Then harvested by enzymatically, and re-seeded on the TC-treated cultureware.

【Cell culture condition】
Culture medium: RPMI-1640,
10% Horse serum, 5% FBS, Gentamicin
Treated with NGF (50ng/mL) for 12 days

【Cell culture condition】
Culture medium: RPMI-1640,
10% FBS, Gentamicin
Treated with PMA (50ng/mL) for 2 days


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