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4-Octylphenol 4-Octylphenol

POP is a type of high purity alkylphenol manufactured from the raw materials phenol and diisobutylene using DIC's proprietary techniques. It is used as a raw material for surfactants and synthetic resins such as phenolic resins.

About 4-Octylphenol

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Major Applications

• Oil-soluble phenolic resins
Phenolic resins can be obtained by heating and condensing POP and formaldehyde with acids such as hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, oxalic acid, acetic acid, or in the presence of alkalis such as ammonia, caustic potash, caustic soda.
This phenolic resin is an oil-soluble phenolic resin that dissolves in organic solvents, drying oils, and rubber, and by heating and co-condensation with these materials, it yields an oil-based varnish with superior water resistance and weather resistance that can be used as a useful coating such as an outdoor enamel, floor varnish, ship-bottom paint, or insulating varnish.
Rosin-modified phenolic resins that use this POP are essential as the prime ingredient in printing inks and they can obtain characteristics such as gloss and quick-drying in particular.

• Surfactants
There is demand for polyoxyethylene alkylphenol ether, obtained by adding ethylene oxide to POP, as a non-ionic surfactant. A characteristic of this surfactant is the number of moles added by ethylene oxide can be freely adjusted according to application, so it can be used in strongly hydrophilic materials to lipophilic materials. It is also useful as an emulsifier, dispersant, wetting agent, cleaning agent, foaming agent, and level dyeing assist agent for dyes.

• Various additives
POP is also known as a crack preventing agent for rubber. Aging can be suppressed by adding it to rubber. POP also has an antioxidant effect and UV absorbing effect, and when added to rubber, lubricating oil, film, or molding materials by itself, as a resin, or some other derivative, it is useful for improving stability.

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