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Liquid crystal materials are organic chemical materials that are in the intermediate state of liquid and solid (crystal). DIC's liquid crystal materials are based on advanced synthesis technology backed by more than 50 years of history, and used in various fields through excellent characteristics by adding unique liquid crystal compounds and polymerizable compounds.

About LC Materials

Liquid crystal material is a chemical material with fluidity of liquid molecules and orientation of solid molecules, and has dielectric anisotropy and refractive index anisotropy. Due to these anisotropies, the direction of liquid crystal molecules can be changed by the electric field, and the direction of light can be changed.
The required performance of the liquid crystal material depends on the liquid crystal display mode used (TN / STN, VA / PSVA, IPS, VA-IPS, etc.). At DIC, we are working every day to develop customized products that meet customer requirements.

DIC's Advantages

• Excellent PSVA liquid crystals for TVs
• Global network
• Fast-RT, High-Transmittance and High-reliability for 4K8K
• Customizable for applications with technical supports

Major Applications

• TVs, MNTs, TBs
• Smartphones, PIDs
• Dimming devices (ex. Smart windows), Reflective displays, Screens

Product Lineup

• n-type Liquid Crystal for TVs
• Nano-Pase Separated Liquid Crystal with Fast Response
• Polymer-Network Liquid Crystal (PNLC)

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