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Usage Precautions

Please read the precautions below and the MSDS in order to safely use this site's contents and DIC.PPS.

General Precautions

  1. The information contained in this site ('Information') is provided to customers as a reference for selecting DIC.PPS.
  2. When the Information was created, it was based on tests and research DIC believes to be reliable, but DIC does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness.
  3. When using the Information as a reference, customers must test the suitability of DIC.PPS for the intended application, process, or use. The Information does not dispense with the necessity for appropriate testing.
  4. DIC bears no responsibility for the application, processing, or use of DIC.PPS or the Information or the results thereof by the customer.
  5. The Information supplied by DIC regarding specific applications, processing, or use by the customer does not guarantee the non-infringement of third-parties' intellectual property rights.
  6. To export DIC.PPS filled and reinforced with specific carbon fibers represented by the product numbers such as DIC.PPS CZ-1130 and CZL-4033, the approval of the Government of Japan may be required. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to determine the need for and to obtain any such approval.
  7. The data included in the Information was measured using specimens created with the following typical molding conditions, unless otherwise noted in the text.

Predrying: 130°C/4 hours
Cylinder temperature setting: 320°C
Injection rate: 1 second
Holding pressure: 60 MPa
Mold setting temperature: 150°C

Molding Precautions

For safety, please observe the items below when molding DIC.PPS. The information below is the full extent of information known by DIC at present when using this material. However, DIC does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information. For detailed information regarding safety, please refer to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).

  1. Predrying
    Caution: If pellets are dried at a temperature that is too high or dried for a time longer than necessary, color and flowability may change.
  2. Cylinder temperature setting
    The suitable cylinder temperature setting is generally between 300°C and 340°C. Do not set the temperature to 350°C or higher. However, the suitable cylinder temperature may differ by product number, so always confirm the temperature. In particular, the temperature for product numbers that contain PTFE (fluororesin) is in a range between 290°C and 320°C, do not set the temperature to 330°C or higher.
  3. Residence time in cylinder
    As a general guide, within 60 minutes at 300°C and within 30 minutes at 320°C. However, this differs according to conditions such as product number, molding conditions, and molding machine.
  4. For molding problems
    If the resin decomposes or there is a situation that conforms to that, lower the cylinder temperature and purge the remaining resin in the cylinder.
  5. Ending molding
    To stop molding, after purging the remaining resin from inside the cylinder, turn off the heater.
  6. Do not mix in colorants or additives other than those recommended by DIC.
  7. Maintaining safety while working
    • 7-1. Local ventilation or full ventilation is recommended. In particular, grades that contain fluororesins (PTFE, etc.) may produce hydrofluoric acid or other poisonous gases, so be mindful of ventilation.
    • 7-2. Wear protective goggles, and when necessary protective gloves. Long-sleeved shirts are recommended.
    • 7-3. Stay away from the nozzle.
    • 7-4. To prevent burns from melted resin, never touch it directly with the hands.
  8. Disposal
    To dispose of unnecessary materials, runners, spurs, commission their disposal to a specified waste disposer or the local government in accordance with the law and local regulations.
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