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UV-curable Resins for UV-curable Film Coats

When UV-curable hard coat materials are coated on plastic films such as TAC or PET, the films curl because of the shrinking volume when UV cured. This kind of film curling can cause problems in production when line coating or in later steps. DIC offers a new lineup of UV-curable hard coating materials for films with differing curl properties that demonstrates an awareness of solving problems in our customers' hard coat film manufacturing.

  • Capable of achieving both high hardness and curl-resistant properties

UNIDIC Product Lineup

Product Number/Name Appearance Active Components
Diluting Solvent Viscosity
(mPa.s, 25°C)
17-806R Light yellow, transparent 80 Butyl acetate 100-400 <2 High hardness, abrasion resistance
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