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CRISVON, XOLTEX (Solvent-based) Resins for Porosity Formation

These products are used in the wet layer for synthetic and artificial leather and products for moisture-permeable waterproofing processing. DIC stocks resins for forming continuous porosity (microporous) by the wet coagulation process and resins for dry processing that use a W/O emulsion to make it possible to accommodate various processing methods.

  • Exhibits various porosity forms by combining a film forming agent in the wet process.
  • Capable of forming an even microporous film with resins for dry processing.

Processing Examples

  • Wet, agent 1, small cells

    Wet, agent 1, small cells

  • Wet, agent 2, open cells

    Wet, agent 2, open cells



Product Lineup

Product Number Nonvolatile Content (%) Viscosity
Composition 100%M (MPa) Solvents Features
PX-550 29-32 100-300 PEt/PEs 9.0 MEK/water=9/1 Dry W/O
8006HV-LD 29-31 1600-2200 PEs 3.5 DMF Wet, soft
8966 29-31 800-1200 PEs 24.0 DMF Wet, hard
MP-105 29-31 800-1200 PEt/PEs 2.0 DMF Wet, hydrolysis resistance
MP-990PS 29-31 800-1200 PEt 11.5 DMF Wet, heat resistance
MP-120 29-31 800-1200 PC 3.5 DMF Wet, soft, high durability
MP-865PS 29-31 800-1200 PC 11.0 DMF Wet, hard, high durability
MP-315 19-21 50-200 PC 5.5 DMF Non-yellowing, wet, high durability
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