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CRISVON (Solvent-based), HYDRAN (Water-based) Resins for Films

These products are used in the skin layer for synthetic and artificial leather and in various surface treatments. DIC features a lineup of products that respond to demanded characteristics to improve light resistance, abrasion, and flexibility. We are also dedicating ourselves to developing toluene-free and water-based urethane resins with the goal of environmental friendliness. Not just for daily goods and furniture, DIC products contribute to improvements in physical properties in automotive synthetic leather which is becoming increasingly widespread in recent years.

  • Possess adaptability to various base materials from a broad product lineup.
  • Silicone modified polycarbonate products have been prepared for high durability, abrasion resistance, and texture improvement applications.

Product Lineup

Product Number Nonvolatile Content (%) Viscosity
Composition 100%M (MPa) Solvents Features
5116ELD 29-31 600-900 PEs 1.5 MEK/DMF=9/1 Soft
NB-637N 29-31 500-800 PEs 7.0 MEK/DMF=1/1 Medium-hard
9004 19-21 200-300 PEs 36.0 MEK/DMF=1/2 Ultra-hard
NB-130 29-31 500-800 PEt/PEs 6.5 MEK/DMF=2/3 Medium-hard, flexibility
S-125 29-31 500-800 PEt 4.5 MEK/DMF=2/3 Soft, flexibility
S-121 29-31 600-1,000 PC 3.5 MEK/DMF=1/2 Soft, durability
NY-360 24-26 150-550 PC 10.0 IPA/T/DMF=2/1/4 Non-yellowing, hard
NY-331 24-26 200-300 PC 3.0 DMF Non-yellowing, medium-hard
NY-324 19-21 300-600 Si modified PC 5.5 IPA/T/DMF=1/1/2 Non-yellowing, medium-hard
NY-373 19-21 200-400 Si modified PC 5.7 IPA/EtAc/DMF
Non-yellowing, high durability
High lubricity
ASPU-112 29-31 50-250 PEt 4.4 IPA Non-yellowing, adherence
ASPU-116 29-31 150-450 PEt 5.1 IPA Non-yellowing, adherence
ASPU-121 29-31 50-250 PEt 14.2 IPA Non-yellowing, permeability
WLS-230 33-37 0.1-10 PEt 3.0 Water (anion) Non-yellowing, hydrophilic
WLS-210 34-36 0.1-10 PC 2.4 Water (anion) Non-yellowing, high durability
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