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CRISVON (Solvent-based), HYDRAN (Water-based) Resins for Adhesion

These products are used as in the adhesion layer in synthetic and artificial leather and for adhering various base materials. In addition to strong bonding power, texture can be controlled by resin design and processing conditions can be adapted to production lines. We are also continuing to develop toluene-free and water-based urethane resins with the goal of environmental friendliness and the development of quick-release resins that contribute to increasing productivity.

  • DIC stocks various products for dry laminates and wet laminates
  • Products can be selected according to base material.

Product Lineup

Product Number Nonvolatile Content (%) Viscosity
Composition 100%M (MPa) Solvents Features
4070 69-71 1,000-1,600 PEs 2.6 TOL Dry laminates
4010FT 49-51 300-500 PEs 2.0 MEK/EtAc=4/6 Wet laminates
5150-S 49-51 1,000-1,600 PEs 2.0 MEK/DMF=1/1 Soft, quick-release
TA-365FT 64-66 750-1,250 PEt/PEs 2.0 MEK Dry laminates
TA-370FT 40-42 350-650 PEt/PEs 2.0 MEK Wet laminates
TA-265FT 64-66 750-1,250 PEt 2.3 MEK/DMF=9/1 Dry laminates
TA-290FT 40-42 350-650 PEt 2.0 EtAc/MEK/DMF=6/3/1 Wet laminates
4365-T 64-67 800-1,300 PEt 2.4 TOL Dry laminates
TA-205FT 69-71 1,000-1,600 PC 1.7 MEK Dry laminates
TA-215FT 49-51 750-1,250 PC 1.7 MEK Wet laminates
WLA-404 43-47 0.05-3 PEt 3.2 Water (anion) Flexibility
WLA-412 38-42 0.1-10 PC 1.8 Water (anion) Durability
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