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For Synthetic/Artificial Leathers, For Moisture Permeable Processing, For Film Coatings

Solvent-based urethane resins developed for use in synthetic and artificial leather. DIC features a broad lineup from soft, tough athletic shoe leather to coatings for comfortable moisture permeable clothing.
They are used in a wide array of applications including precision polishing and filters by utilizing porosity forming techniques, automotive leather utilizing wear resistance and flexibility, and applications that utilize its adherence and abrasion properties.
We also stock products that replace solvents with water or alcohol with the goal to reducing their environmental burden.

  • * PEs: Polyester-based, PEt: Polyether-based, PC: Polycarbonate-based.

Product Examples

  • For athletic shoes

  • For moisture permeable clothing

  • For automotive interiors

  • For athletic shoes

    Combines both toughness and flexibility, used in athletic shoes for many sports.

  • For moisture permeable clothing

    Achieves both moisture permeability and water resistance, used in rain wear and ski wear.

  • For automotive interiors

    Possess high durability in a light weight, used for automotive interior applications such as steering wheels and seats.

Product Lineup

DIC provides products that achieve both peel strength and texture, along with permeability to the base material. We stock many kinds from products from those with excellent physical properties to water-based types with a low environmental burden.

In addition to strong adhesive power on various base materials like fabric and plastic, DIC also possess products with added flexibility from our resin design. Workability can also be adjusted with cross-linking agent blends.

Various textures and properties are expressed by resin design. Films are formed by heat drying and non-yellowing/yellowing-resistant products can be selected according to application.

In addition to resins for forming continuous porosity (microporous) by the wet coagulation process, DIC also stocks resins for dry processing and those that can accommodate various processing methods.

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