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For Glass Fiber Processing

VONDIC Series: Polyurethane dispersions for glass fiber sizing agents
The VONDIC Series was developed based on DIC's urethane synthesizing and emulsion techniques. It is a high molecular weight thermoplastic urethane resin that is emulsion dispersed in water.
DIC is a pioneer in Japanese polyurethane dispersions and has launched many products into the market since its development as glass fiber sizing agents. Our product lineup and quality is highly rated by customers.

  • High binding properties - Creates a strong film just by drying and acts to control fiber fluffing.
  • Blend stability - Nonionic, can be blended with various materials.
  • High strength/high heat resistance - We can provide a urethane resin matched to many demanded characteristics by optimizing the resin's design.

Product Examples

  • Glass fiber (chopped strand)

    Used as a reinforcing material for engineering plastics used in automobiles and electronic components.

  • Glass fiber (roving)

    Used as a reinforcing material for various construction materials like bathtubs, water storage tanks, and plumbing pipes.

Product Lineup

Resin Name Product Name Nonvolatile Content (%) Ionicity 100%M
Tensile Strength
Ether-based 1050B-NE 49-51 Nonionic 1 10 800 Pliability, film formability
1310NE 49-51 Nonionic 2 26 500 Solvent resistance, elasticity
1940NE 49-51 Nonionic/anionic 2 22 780 Light resistance, heat discoloration resistance
8510 39-41 Nonionic 2 9 650 Light resistance, heat discoloration resistance
Ester-based 1230NE 44-46 Nonionic 2 20 550 Solvent resistance
1640NE 39-41 Nonionic/anionic 5 13 300 Light resistance, elasticity
1672NE 49-51 Nonionic/anionic 14 15 200 Light resistance, hardness
1980NE 44-46 Nonionic 14 14 180 Heat resistance, hardness
2210 39-41 Nonionic 1 2 980 Light resistance, heat discoloration resistance
2220 39-41 Nonionic 13 20 200 Light resistance, heat discoloration resistance
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