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Coating Materials/Coating Agents

DIC's aqueous urethane resins have a track record in use as coating agents on various base materials utilizing its excellent pliability, conformability, and adherence.

Product Examples

  • General purpose coating materials

    Used as coating materials for metals and wood floors that makes use of its excellent adherence.

  • Specialized coating materials for paper

    Utilizing its excellent base material conformability, adds lubricity to the back of inkjet paper and is used for a protective layer for the printing surface.

Product Lineup (Select Products)

Product Name Nonvolatile Content Viscosity Ph Major Applications & Characteristics
34%-36% 100-2000 7.5-9.0 Wood flooring, metals, glass
Chemical resistance, solvent resistance, high weather resistance
34%-36% 100-1000 7.5-9.0 Metals, glass
High weather resistance, good glass adherence
29%-31% <150 7.5-8.8 Specialized coating material for paper
High hardness, rigidity, heat resistance
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