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Alkyd Resins for Lacquers/Baking Finishes

Alkyd resins are manufactured from the condensation reaction between oil or polyols, acids, and alcohol. They are typically used as binders for coatings and printing inks. For lacquers in particular, nitrocellulose (NC) and CAB with excellent drying properties are used in combination with short oil alkyd resins that have low content of used oil.
And for baking finishes, by combining amino resins as curing agents with short oil alkyd resins and oil-free alkyd resins (polyester resins), they can be used to coat various industrial products.

Alkyd Resins - Types, Features, & Applications

Product Classification Oil Length (%) Strengths Weaknesses Applications
Oil-free 0 Color retention, flexibility
Gloss, weather resistance
Pigment dispersibility
PCM, general metals
Melamine baking
Short oil 25-45 Workability
Pigment dispersibility
Weather resistance Automotive solid color
Melamine baking, lacquer
Medium oil 45-58 Drying
Workability Industrial machinery, general metals
Dryer normal temperature curing
Long oil 58-75 Workability
Durability, environmental friendliness
Drying Construction, marine vessels, bridges
Dryer normal temperature curing
Ultra-long oil 75< Environmental friendliness
High solid
Drying Putty, coating agent
Dryer normal temperature curing

Product Lineup


Product Name Nonvolatile Content (%) Solvents Viscosity Color Acid Value Applications/Curing agents
46-118 60.0±1.0 Solvesso 100
Butyl cellosolve
V-X <2 5.0-8.0 For pre-coating metal, melamine baking
Corrosion resistance, weather resistance, hardness
M-6401-50 50.0±1.0 Xylene
Butyl cellosolve
S-V <2 4.0-9.0 For pre-coating metal, melamine baking
Hardness, stain resistance, flexibility

Short Oil Alkyd Resins: ALUKIDIR (former trade name: BECKOSOL)

Product Name Modified Oil Oil Length
Solvents Nonvolatile Content
Acid Value Applications/Features
1307-60-EL Soybean oil 41 42 Industrial xylene 60±1.0 Z-Z2 8.0 or less General metals, melamine baking
Hardness, flexibility
1308-E Castor oil 44 40 Ethyl acetate 50±1.0 A-D 13.0 or less Wood working products, urethane curing
J-524-A Palm oil 35 45 Industrial xylene
60±1.0 Z1-Z3 4.5
Automobiles, melamine baking
Weather resistance
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