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Polyester Polyols

DIC has a long record with the fundamental technologies that support the expansion of urethane resin applications for coatings, adhesives, and elastomers. DIC's polyester polyols for raw materials of polyurethane have high quality.

  • Solution polymerization, bulk polymerization (TPU)
  • Molecular weight control
  • Add water resistance

Polyester Polyols

Product Lineup

DIC's polyester polyols can be used with confidence because product numbers are set per application. We will also provide product development solutions by designing products for your desired applications.
For environmentally-friendly products, we also feature a lineup of polyol developmental products that use plant-based raw materials.

Resin Composition Molecular Weight Product Name Appearance Hydroxyl Value
Viscosity 75°C
Features Applications
Acid Glycol
AA EG 1,000 OD-X-286 Solid 106-118 100-300 General type Adhesives
Vibration insulation, elastomers
2,000 OD-X-102 Solid 52-58 515-675
AA EG/BG 1,000 OD-X-355 Solid 106-118 100-300 Low temperature characteristics Elastomers
Vibration insulation, synthetic leather
2,000 OD-X-2330 Solid 52-58 650-800
AA BG 1,000 OD-X-240 Solid 106-118 100-300 General type Synthetic leather, adhesives
Synthetic leather, adhesives, elastomer adhesives
2,000 OD-X-668 Solid 52-60 600-900
AA BG/HD 2,000 OD-X-2108 Solid 53-59 550-750 Low temperature characteristics Adhesives
AA DEG 1,000 OD-X-2376 Liquid 107-118 100-200 Low viscosity Synthetic leather, coatings
AA DEG/triol 2,200 8651 Liquid 55-65 10,000-40,000 (25°C) Low viscosity Coatings, foams
AA NPG 2,000 OD-X-2044 Liquid 53-59 850-1,150 Water resistance Elastomers
AA NPG/HD 2,000 OD-X-688 Solid 53-59 525-675 Water resistance Adhesives, millable rubber, waterproofing materials
AA HD 2,000 OD-X-2068 Solid 53-59 550-700 Water resistance
High crystallinity
Reactive hot melt adhesives
4,500 OD-X-2547 Solid 23-27 -
AA MPD 2,000 OD-X-2420 Liquid 53-59 3,000-
Water resistance Sealing materials, foams
SEA HD 3,500 OD-X-2523 Solid 30-34 1,500-3,500 High crystallinity Reactive hot melt adhesives
DDA HD 3,700 OD-X-2555 Solid 27-34 - High crystallinity Reactive hot melt adhesives
Az/iPA EG/NPG 2,000 OD-X-2560 Viscous liquid 53-59 - Non-crystalline Reactive hot melt adhesives
Polycaprolactone (diol) 1,000 OD-X-2155 Solid 106-118 100-200 Water resistance Elastomers, adhesives
Elastomers, synthetic leather
2,000 OD-X-640 Solid 53-59 310-410
Polycaprolactone (triol) 850 OD-X-2586 Paste 193-203 - Water resistance Coatings
  • AA: Adipic acid, SEA: Sebacic acid, EG: Ethylene glycol, PG: Propylene glycol, BG: 1,4-Butanediol, HID: 1,6-Hexanediol, DEG: Diethylene glycol, NPG: Neopentyl glycol, MPD: 3-Methyl-1,5-Pentanediol, DDA: Dodecanedioic acid, iPA: Isophthalic acid, Az: Azelaic acid
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