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Methacrylate Resin

Diovar methacrylate resin has been developed for civil engineering and construction applications. It is a resin for flooring, for resin concrete, and a binder to improve the functionality of roads (non-slip, water penetrate pavement reinforcement, heat shield pavement and others) that possess the functions of flexibility and low-temperature curing.

General Features of Methacrylate Resin Cured Materials

  1. Excellent fast curability
    Curing times can be made 0.5 to 1 hour in 0 to 35°C conditions. Curing is also possible in extremely low temperature conditions of -30 to 0°C. (Frozen surfaces cannot be worked)
  2. Working time is easily adjusted
    By adjusting the amount of curing agent used, the appropriate working time can be ensured for the temperature when working.
  3. Excellent adhesive properties in asphalt and cement
    Possess good adhesive power because it combines with asphalt component when it cures. Possess good adhesive properties because it has excellent wettability and impregnating ability in cement concrete.
  4. Abundant variations in liquid resin and cured material characteristics
    A lineup of products that possess properties and cured material characteristics according to application.

Civil Engineering Related Fields

Construction Related Fields

DIC's Diovar Methacrylate Resin

Performance Comparison by Resin Type

A relative comparison of epoxy resin and urethane resin used in civil engineering and construction applications

Item Diovar Epoxy resin Urethane resin
Curability Excellent Poor Poor
Low-temperature curing Excellent Bad Bad
Workability Good Good Good
Asphalt adhesiveness Excellent Good Poor
Concrete adhesiveness Good Excellent Excellent
Strength property Good Good Good
Elongation Good Poor Excellent
Acid resistance Good Bad Good
Alkali resistance Good Excellent Excellent
Solvent resistance Bad Good Good
Odor Bad (NS type:Good) Poor Poor
Toxicity/irritation Good (NS type:Excellent) Bad Poor
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