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Degassing Modules for Jet Ink

Degassing Modules for Jet Ink

DIC's hollow fiber membranes are suited to degassing jet inks because they only allow gases to permeate the membrane without letting liquids through. These modules can also be installed in inkjet printers by the development of small, low pressure loss products.


  • Optimal structure for degassing/aeration (DIC's Hollow Fiber Membrane)
  • With a broad lineup, suited to various ink types and applications
  • Low pressure losses and space savings are realized by the proprietary internal structure

Degassing Requirements in Jet Inks

Dissolved gas changes into bubbles from repeatedly increasing and decreasing pressure by a piezo element or from heating.
The result of which is...

  1. Bubbles block nozzles and they fail to fire.
  2. Piezo element pressure is dispersed by bubbles, causing a misalignment of the ink landing position.

These problems are solved by degassing.

Model List

Please select the optimal model number according to the usage conditions like the type of ink used and the treatment volume, and the target degassing level. DIC can also select the appropriate model for you. Please feel free to contact us.

Treatment Flow Rate (ml/min) Model External Dimensions (mm) Membrane Area (m2) Target Ink (*1)
0.5 - 10 EF-MICRO 22φx94 - Water-based/UV/solvent-based (*2)
1 - 60 EF-G2 26φx115 - Water-based/UV/solvent-based (*2)
5 - 300 EF-G3 43φx131 Approx. 0.2 Water-based/UV/solvent-based (*2)
10 - 1500 EF-G4 60φx143 Approx. 0.5 Water-based/UV/solvent-based (*2)
10 - 1000 PF-001D 60φx140 Approx. 0.5 Water-based
10 - 1000 PF-001DG(E) 60φx143 Approx. 0.4 Water-based/UV/solvent-based (*2)
50 - 3000 PF-004D 99φx260 Approx. 4 Water-based
100 - 4000 EF-002A(EPOXY) 109φx182 Approx. 1.8 Water-based/UV/solvent-based (*2)
100 - 10000 EF-010G 170φx430 Approx. 7 Water-based/UV/solvent-based (*2)
100 - 20000 EF-020G 170φx880 Approx. 20 Water-based/UV/solvent-based (*2)
  • *1: Inks with unchecked wetting properties are excluded from any guarantees.
  • *2: The SEPAREL PFF Series can also be used for solvent jet inks.

For detailed product information about these membrane products, visit SEPAREL website.


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