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Impregnation/ Lamination/ FRP Molding

When using epoxy resins for impregnation and lamination, heat resistance and flame retardancy are primarily demanded. When using them for FRP molding, fast curability is demanded. So that we can respond to our customer's varied applications and demanded characteristics, DIC stocks many types of epoxy resin from solids to liquids.

Performance Requirements & Major Corresponding Products

  • Heat Resistance

    DIC recommends multifunctional epoxy resin products such as cresol novolac epoxy resins that possess a molecular structure that excels in heat resistance.
    We also stock specialized highly functional epoxy resins that possess ultra-high heat resistance.

  • Flame Resistance

    In addition to brominated flame retardant types that possess remarkable flame resistance performance, DIC recommends multifunctional epoxy resin products with high cross-linking densities such as phenolic novolac for halogen-free applications.

  • Curability

    DIC recommends liquid bisphenol A, bisphenol F, and phenolic novolac epoxy resin products with excellent curability.

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