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DAITAC ZB Series for Fixing Transparent Substrates

Non-carrier optically clear adhesive tape
Non-carrier optically clear adhesive tape

The DAITAC ZB series is a non-carrier optically clear adhesive tape to fix touch panels for electronic devices like cellular phones. The tape has excellent transparency and it suppresses the occurrence of bubbles and ITO corrosion by using a special acrylic-based adhesive.


  • Excellent transparency.
  • Has superior bubble resistance that suppress gases produced from plastics (polycarbonate and PMMA) inside the touchscreen with a special acrylic-based adhesive.
  • Uses a special acrylic-based adhesive that does not corrode ITO (indium tin oxide), the touchscreen's conducting layer.

Development Background

Touchscreens contained in electronic devices such as cellular phones are fixed to the LCD module (polarizer) and screen panel by optically clear adhesive tapes. Inside the touchscreen, the tapes are also used to fix the ITO (indium tin oxide) film to the plastic panel and to fix ITO films together.
When plastics such as polycarbonate and PMMA are used in the screen panel and touchscreen, there was a problem where bubbles occurred from the gas produced by these plastics causing the electronic device's display to malfunction. Capacitive touchscreens are formed by layering the ITO film conducing layer and optically clear adhesive tapes, but ITO oxidizes easily, so if the wrong adhesive is selected, there was also a problem where the ITO corrodes and conduction malfunctions occur.
As optically clear adhesive tapes for touchscreens, DIC has developed the DAITAC ZB701xW Series that suppress gas produced from plastics and the DAITAC ZB703xW Series that does not corrode ITO.

Design Concept

Based on the adhesive development techniques we have cultivated up to now, DIC has developed a adhesive tape using a special acrylic-based adhesive that delaminates with difficulty between the touchscreen and LCD module and glass even in high temperature environments.
In the DAITAC ZB701xW Series, we were able to suppress the gas produced from plastics and make it so bubbling does not occur by controlling the composition of the acrylic-based adhesive. In the DAITAC ZB703xW Series, we achieved an adhesive sheet that does not corrode ITO films by eliminating the acid components that cause corrosion from adhesive.
Both adhesive tape products feature excellent transparency and are suitable for bonding elements that require transparency like touchscreens.


The DAITAC ZB Series is a non-carrier adhesive tape composed of a special polymer adhesive layer.

ZB Series Construction

Performance Data

Bubble resistance performance

Bubble resistance performance was evaluated with a specimen made of PET film laminated to a polycarbonate (PC) sheet with ZB7011W. This specimen was left under the prescribed environmental conditions and the state of bubbles produced from the adhesive layer was evaluated. The other company's product produced bubbles under each of the conditions, but bubbles could not be seen with ZB7011W.

  ZB7011W Competitor's product
60°C 500 h

ZB7011W 60

Competitor's product 60
PET/Competitor's product/PC

80°C 500 h

ZB7011W 80

Competitor's product 80
PET/Competitor's product/PC

60°C 90% 500 h

ZB7011W 90

Competitor's product 90
PET/Competitor's product/PC

Physical Properties Table

DIC features ZB7011W and ZB7012W with excellent bubble resistance and ITO-noncorrosive ZB7031W and 7032W.
The ZB7011 Series is best suited to resistive touchscreens. The ZB7031 Series is best suited to bonding capacitive touchscreen elements. Both products feature excellent bonding and optical performance.

Product Name Thickness
Peel Strength to Glass
N/25 mm
Light Transmission
ZB7011W 25 8 91
Suppresses bubbles
caused by gas from plastics
ZB7012W 50 9 91
ZB7031W 25 10 91
ZB7032W 50 11 91
  • *1: The total light transmittance inside ( ) is the value excluding the interfacial reflection loss.
  • *2: The haze value inside ( ) is the value excluding the haze value for the glass sheet used during the measurement.
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