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DAITAC LT6003W Heat-sensitive Adhesive Tape

DAITAC LT6003W is a heat-sensitive adhesive tape that can create an excellent adhesion by thermal compression bonding. DAITAC LT6003W is optimal for bonding membrane keys on mobile devices and for bonding cases. DAITAC LT6003W also has resistance to the solder reflow process and can be used for securing FPC reinforcing plates.


DAITAC LT6003W is composed of a heat-sensitive adhesive layer with excellent adhesive properties sandwiched between a PET release film liner and a polyethylene release film liner.

  • Thin sheet thickness.
  • Displays high peel strength from heating, over twice that of adhesive tape.
  • Excellent oil resistance to sebum and oils.
  • Excellent punching quality.
  • Can be stored at room temperature.

Development Background

In recent years, various features including music streaming, cameras, one-seg TV, GPS, FeliCa have been added to cellular phones in addition to their original communication features, and they are becoming an essential presence in our daily lives. There is also a trend of consumers selecting cellular phones by design and thinness. Cellular phone terminal manufacturers are engaged in fierce competition to develop thin, stylish terminals.
It is also desirable for the key switch part that operates the cellular phone be an even thinner part. Conventionally, resin molded products have been used, but even thinner sheet parts (membrane keys below) have been developed and are rapidly becoming common. A thin double-coated adhesive tape with an even thickness that can be worked into the desired shape has generally been used to secure these membrane keys. However, membrane key parts have a small bonding area because of their construction and the adhesive properties with conventional adhesive tapes are insufficient. In addition, because membrane keys are operated with the fingers, sebum soak into the adhesive tape after long-term usage, so there is a risk the keys will come off.
DIC was one of the first to respond to the needs of cellular phone terminal manufacturers and membrane key manufactures for "thinner", "improved adhesive properties", "improved oil (sebum) resistance" by developing and launching the DAITAC LT6003W heat-sensitive adhesive tape.


The DAITAC LT6003W heat-sensitive adhesive tape is constructed from heat-sensitive adhesive layer and two release films.

LT6003W Construction

Performance Data

Twice the bonding power of tape

DAITAC LT6003W employs a newly developed polyester-based heat-sensitive adhesive with the molecular weight and structure of the adhesive ingredients optimized.
The lower-left graph shows the peel strength comparison between DAITAC LT6003W and adhesive tape. DAITAC LT6003W demonstrates a peel strength more than twice that of adhesive tape. From the lower-right graph you can see DAITAC LT6003W demonstrates high peel strength even under comparatively low temperature press conditions. By also optimizing the cross-linking structure of the adhesive's ingredients, DAITAC LT6003W achieves excellent heat resistance without dropping in the holding power test, even at high temperatures.

Peel strength of DAITAC LT6003W.

Peel strength of DAITAC LT6003W.

The effect of heat-press temperature on peel strength.

The effect of heat-press temperature on peel strength.

Resists oils

Resistance to sebum (oil resistance) is demanded in cellular phone membrane keys because they are directly operated with the fingers.
As shown in the lower-left graph, DAITAC LT6003W has almost no reduction in peel strength even after the oil resistance test when compared to adhesive tape. The lower-right photos show the external appearance of the tapes after the oil resistance test. The adhesive layer of the conventional adhesive tape that experienced a large drop in peel strength has been soaked. On the other hand, DAITAC LT6003W shows almost no change in the adhesive layer and its superior oil resistance can be confirmed.

The influence of oil (squalene).

The influence of oil (squalene).

Photograph of the tapes after the oil test.

Photograph of the tapes after the oil test.

Physical Properties Table

Compared to double-coated adhesive tapes of the same thickness, DAITAC LT6003W posses a adhesive strength over three times greater.

  Unit LT6003W
Thickness μm 30
Peel strength at 180° angle N/20 mm 25
Holding power (100°C 0.5 kg) (JIS Z0237) h 24<
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