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Sealants W-150, PB-10


W-150 and PB-10 are used as plasticizers for sealants used in building and residential exterior walls, windows, roofs, tiles, floors, around sinks, and elevators. Many products are stocked under W-150.
They can be used in broad array of sealants including those based on acrylic, urethane, and polysulfide.


Useable as a Plasticizer and Free Amine Supplementary Agent by Epoxy Groups

  • Monocizer W-150 demonstrates the same plasticizer effect as DEHP (DOP), a phthalate ester, because they have similar structures
  • W-150 contains epoxy groups so it demonstrates functions like slowly reacting with amine
  • W-150 has an effect that suppresses the impact of additives that produce amines by free carboxylic acid
  • Monocizer PB-10 is benzoate polyester plasticizer with high polarity that has good compatibility with high polarity resins like polysulfides

Major Applications

  • Plasticizer for sealants
  • PVC plasticizers
  • Phthalate-alternative plasticizer for DEHP (DOP), a phthalate ester

Properties List

Reactivity with amines

Comparing DIC plasticizers W-150 and W-128 which contain epoxy groups, both products have different reactivity with amines because of their structures regardless of containing epoxy groups. W-150 is not rapid, but it reacts with amines and raises kinetic viscosity.

Test conditions
Epoxy compound + curing agent (B-053), after mixing, stored at room temperature
(Epoxy equivalent weight / amine active hydrogen equivalent weight = 1/1)

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