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PET Modifier A-51, A-55

PET Modifiers

PET modifier A-51 and A-55 are solid ester oligomers developed for the purpose of improving the melt flow characteristics of PET resins.
Polycizer A-55 increases A-51's intrinsic viscosity and decreases volatile components.


Effective for Improving PET Flowability & Accelerating PET Crystallization, An Easily Handled Solid Modifier

  • Two types of products, A-51 and A-55
  • Effective for improving flowability of PET, PET/pigments, PET/glass fibers
  • As a mold processing aid, effective for improving yields
  • Widens the temperature range where PET crystallization begins, effective for reducing cycles and saving energy during sheet film production and injection molding
  • Maintains the molecular weight of PET (does not lower the IV value)
  • A solid modifier that makes mixing in a dry blend possible

Major Applications

  • Modifier for PET/glass fiber or its masterbatch
  • Modifier for PET/pigments or its masterbatch
  • PET sheets
  • Solar cell back sheets

Properties List

  • PET flowability improvement
  • PET crystallization acceleration
  • Maintains the molecular weight of PET (does not lower the IV value)

Melt flow characteristics (capillary rheometer)

Crystallization temperature: DSC

Tcc:  Cooling crystallization temperature
Tch:  Heating crystallization temperature

  Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) Retention Ratio
(Versus Unmodified Product)
Polycizer W-2310 0.78
Polycizer A-55 1.0

PET (IV=1.0)/Modifier=100/5
Extrusion: Resin temperature ca. 250°C
IV value measured after extrusion

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