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4-Tertiary Butylcatechol "DIC-TBC"

4-Tertiary Butylcatechol "DIC-TBC" Structural Formula Molecular weight: 166.2 / CAS No.: 98-29-3 / CSCL: 3-548 / UN No.: 3261 / UN Class: 8

TBC has a broad range of applications including being used as a polymerization inhibitor for styrene, butadiene, and other polymerizable monomers, an antioxidant for polymers and oils, and a stabilizer for various organic compounds.
DIC sells "DIC-TBC" in convenient-to-handle pellets of 100% solid content, an 85% aqueous solution "DIC-TBC-W", and liquid types dissolved in various solvents.


Product Name Primary Items General Properties
DIC-TBC External Appearance Light yellow solid
Purity 98.0% or higher
Melting Point 52.0°C or higher
Moisture Content 0.3% or lower
DIC-TBC-W External appearance Clear liquid
TBC Content 80% to 90%
Moisture Content 10% to 20%
TBC-75 External Appearance Clear, light yellow liquid
TBC Content 73.0% to 77.0%
Moisture Content 15.5% to 19.5%
Cyclohexane 5.5% to 9.5%
TBC-MS External Appearance Clear, light yellow liquid
TBC Content 80% to 90%
Methanol 10% to 20%
DIC-TBC-22T External Appearance Clear liquid
TBC Content 20% to 30%
Toluene 70% to 80%
TBC-MW External Appearance Clear, light yellow liquid
TBC Content 80% to 90%
Moisture Content 10% or lower
Methanol 10% or lower

General Properties

Product Name
Boiling Point
(101.3 kPa)
Melting Point Flash Point Specific Gravity
Stability Other
DIC-TBC 285°C 55°C 130°C 1.039 to 1.059 Oxidizes and colors in the presence of oxygen or alkalis. Rapidly oxidizes and colors with iron and copper materials.


Polymerization inhibitor for polymerizable monomers

TBC is used as a polymerization inhibitor and stabilizer for polymerizable monomers such as styrene and butadiene and is added during the manufacturing process or to products that require transportation and storage.


TBC is effective as an antioxidant for a wide range of chemical compounds including polymers such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polychloroprene, synthetic rubber, and nylon, as well as oils and their derivatives, ethyl cellulose, lubricating oil, and caprolactam-maleic anhydride and tin metallic soaps.

Stabilizer for various organic compounds

TBC, in combination with epoxy compounds or alcohol, displays excellent properties as a stabilizer for chlorinated hydrocarbons like trichloroethylene and perchloroethylene. When producing plasticizers by the esterification of polybasic acids and oxo alcohols, there is a color protection effect if TBC is added, and a plasticizer with good color stability can be obtained.

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