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For Fiber Processing

DIC acrylic emulsions are products built from long-years of cultivated techniques and experience, and as acrylic emulsions for fiber processing, they possess processing suitability for impregnation processing, spray processing, and knife coating applications, and they are used as nonwoven fabric binders, automotive interior materials applications, and flocking binders.

  • DIC stocks products matched to your processing facilities and applications.
  • Ample non-formaldehyde types which are being increasingly demanded in recent years.

Product Examples

  • Binders for nonwoven fabric processing

    Products are stocked to meet your applications and processing methods, from apparel applications (batting, interlinings) to industrial material applications (filters).

  • Automotive interior materials

    We have a record in applications such as vehicle seats, floors/carpets, and ceiling materials in automotive interior materials.

Product Lineup

Choose the standard for texture with high/low Tg (calculated value).
For applications where there are concerns about formaldehyde, select non-formaldehyde types.

Product Number/Name Composition Nonvolatile Content
pH Tg
(Calculated Value)
Primary Applications
AB-886 Acrylic 49-51 10-500 6-7 -38°C Automotive interior materials (non-formaldehyde)
AB-901 Acrylic 49-51 500-2000 7-8 -30°C Automotive interior materials (non-formaldehyde)
AN-678A-E Acrylic 44-46 20-200 6.5-7.5 -25°C Nonwoven fabric binders
SS-5 Acrylic 57-59 100-1000 7-7.5 -27°C General fiber processing
R-510-E Acrylic 39-41 500-1500 6-7 -10°C Flocking
S-5 Acrylic 58-60 10-1000 7-7.5 -10°C General fiber processing
AC-501 Acrylic 59-61 20-1000 7.5-8.5 7°C Automotive interior materials (non-formaldehyde)
AN-198-E Acrylic 44-46 5-100 6-7.5 35°C Nonwoven fabric binders
AN-1190S Acrylic 44-46 10-400 5.5-7 25°C Automotive interior materials (non-formaldehyde)
R-3380-E Acrylic 44-46 10-300 6.5-7.5 30°C General fiber processing
H-5 Acrylic 59-61 100-1000 7-7.5 33°C General fiber processing
ED-85E Acrylic 44-46 10-400 5.5-7 30°C Nonwoven fabric binders (non-formaldehyde)
AN-1170 Acrylic 49-51 100-300 5-6 60°C Hard finish (non-formaldehyde)
SK-105E Styrene 53-55 200-700 6.5-7.5 100°C Non-film thickening properties
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