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DIC stocks a wide variety of adhesive products such as the FINETAC Series of solvent-based adhesives, emulsion-based adhesives, and the FINETAC Series of solventless UV-curable adhesives.


FINETAC Series Solvent-based Adhesives

  • DIC stocks a broad array of products for many applications including tape, labels, and optical uses.
  • We also have many toluene-free products.

Emulsion-based Adhesives

  • Environmentally-friendly emulsion type adhesives.
  • Can be used as a one-component type. Cross-linking agent formulation unnecessary.
  • Excellent bonding strength, retention, and curved surface bonding properties.

Solventless UV-curable FINETAC Series

  • Solventless.
  • Aging is unnecessary.
  • Thick coatings possible.
  • Acid-free so no worries about metal corrosion.

Product Lineup

Acid-free adhesive for touchscreens

Adhesive for protective films

Low-temperature lamination-capable high-tackiness type adhesive

Emulsion-type adhesive with excellent bonding strength, retention, and curved surface bonding properties

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