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RYULEX:Transparent/Heat Resistant Styrene-based Resins

RYULEX is a styrene-based copolymer resin with excellent transparency and heat resistance. It can meet the varied needs of our customers in food packaging, optical materials, daily goods & sundries, and as a PC alternative.

RYULEX Features

Capable of obtaining molded products with high transparency and an impression of clarity. Has high heat resistance, can be used for microwave-compatible food containers.

RYULEX Features

Properties List

Test item
Testing method A-14
Melt mass flow rate (MFR)
[g/10 min]
JIS K7210:99
ISO 1133:97
1.7 (*1)
Tensile breaking stress
JIS K7161:94
ISO 527-1:93
JIS K7162:94
ISO 527-2:93
Tensile breaking strain
Flex strength
JIS K7171:08
ISO 178:93
Flexural modulus
Charpy impact strength
JIS K7111-1:06
ISO 179:96
Rockwell hardness (M-scale)
JIS K7202-2:01
ISO 2039-2:87
Vicat softening temperature
JIS K7206:99
ISO 306:94
Total light transmittance
JIS K7105:81 89
JIS K7105:81 1.3
Specific gravity
JIS K7112:99
ISO 1183-1:04
Moisture absorption
JIS K7209:00
ISO 62:99
Mold shrinkage
DIC test 0.4-0.7
Food health certificate
1959 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Notice #370 Yes
Application examples Food packaging
Daily goods/general merchandise
Optical materials
  • * The property values in this table are representative values obtained from a injection specimen based on the prescribed testing methods. These values do not show standard values.
  • * The test specimen follows JIS K7139:1996 (ISO 3167:1993), the creation conditions follow JIS K7152:1999 (ISO 294-1:1996).
  • * RYULEX has water absorbing properties and therefore requires pre-drying. The recommended drying conditions are 100°C for 3 to 4 hours.
  • * RYULEX does not have compatibility with other styrene-based resins, so use care not to mix it with other styrene-based resins.
  • * Please use this resin by first checking its suitability (strength, heat resistance, oil resistance) in advanced by practical testing that corresponds to the intended use.
  • * Please contact DIC regarding product numbers other than A-14.
  • *1: Melt mass flow rate measurement conditions: 230°C, 3.8 kg (JIS K 7210 N Conditions).
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