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Polyurethanes for Coatings

Polyurethane resins have excellent water resistance, chemical resistance and toughness, and are broadly used as wood and floor coatings, plastics coatings and sealer.


  Architectural Marine/
Heavy duty
Automotive Electric
Machinery Metal Wood/
Moisture Hardening Type 2 2         1 2
Lacquer Type 2 2           1

Oil Modified Type

          2 1 2
  • * 1:Optimal 2:Standard

Product Lineup

  • Moisture Curing Type: A strong coating film is obtained by reacting with moisture in the air.
  • Lacquer Type: By drying, coating film that excels in chemical resistance can be obtained.
  • Oil Modified Type: By oxidation and the curing of oil and fat, a strong cross-linking-type coating can be obtained. It excels in chemical resistance and solvent resistance in comparison with general alkyd resins.

Moisture Hardening Type: BURNOCK

Product Name Solvent Non-volatile Content
(Gardner / 25°C)
Color (Gardner) NCO (Varnish, %) Features / Applications
DM-653 3-Methoxybutyl acetate,
Ethyl acetate, Toluene
54.0~56.0 H~M ≦3 5.5~6.5 Fast drying, hardness
/floor and wood

Lacquer Type: BURNOCK

Product Name Solvent Non-volatile Content
(Gardner / 25°C)
Color (Gardner) Features / Applications
DF-407 Methyl ethyl ketone,
Methyl cellosolve
24.0~26.0 W~Z ≦5 Strength, hardness
/sealing and flexible material
16-416 Methyl ethyl ketone,
Isopropyl alcohol
29.0~31.0 T~W ≦2

No color change, fast drying, hardness, blocking resistance

Oil Modified Type: BURNOCK

Product Name Solvent Type of Oil Oil Length (%) Non-volatile Content (%) Viscosity
(Gardner / 25°C)
Color (Gardner) Features
TD-125-HV Mineral turpentine Linseed 60 49.0~51.0 Y~Z3 ≦8 Chemical resistance, re coatability,
wear resistance
M-5303 Mineral turpentine Linseed 70 59.0~61.0 V~Y ≦7 Re coating capability, internal hardening
property, processabilty
M-5201 Xylene Safflower 52 49.0~51.0 U~Y ≦7 Fast drying, color retention,
chemical resistance
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