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UV-curable Resins for Coatings (Urethane Acrylate)

UNDIC products are UV-curable resins having a wide range of applications in various industries and fields, including hard coat for plastic films such as PET and TAC.
Using DIC’s unique resin design technologies, hardness, flexibility, viscosity and refractive index can be adjusted to meet various needs.


  Architectural Marine/
Heavy duty
Automotive Electric
Machinery Metal Wood/
Others (Plastic, films,
Optical applications,
Urethane acrylate 2     2   2 2 1
  • * 1:Optimal 2:Standard

Product lineup: UNIDIC


Urethane Acrylate: UNIDIC

Product Name Non-volatile
Content (%)
or Effective
Component (%)
Solvent/Diluent Viscosity (Gardner/25°C) Base of Acryloyl
(in One Molecule)
(Reference Value)
(Reference Value)
Tensile Strength (MPa)
(Reference Value)
Elongation (%)
(Reference Value)
Features /
V-4001EA 83.0~87.0 Ethyl acetate Z2~Z5 2 1~2 40 3 Fast property,
good adhesion
V-4200-70 68.0~72.0 Ethyl acetate,
Butyl acetate
T~W 3 5~10 29 75 Non-yellowing type
/wood and plastic
V-4263 >99 NPGPODA*) Z5~Z8 3 3~5 28 50

Non-yellowing type,
solvent-free type

17-813 78.0~82.0 Butyl acetate,
V~Y 5 1 ≧50 <1 Fast hardening
scratch resistance
17-806 79.0~81.0 Butyl acetate,
H~L 5 1 ≧50 <1

High hardness,
fast hardening property,
scratch resistance,
wear resistance
/plastic and film coating

  • *)NPGPODA: Neopentylglycol propoxylene diacrylate
    Hardening property: High-pressure mercury vapor lamp, 80 W/cm, distance 15 cm
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