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Functional Pigments

Based on the fundamental technologies developed through the development and production of general purpose pigments, functional pigments are a series of pigments that accommodate the demand characteristics sought in functional products in the IT field by advanced control of particle diameter/shape and surface processing in particular. Compared to general purpose pigments, functional pigments are also characterized by strict quality management.

G58 Series GREEN Pigments for Color Filters

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The G58 Series achieves superior brightness and contrast. It is suited to energy-saving TVs and LED TV LCD panel applications because it can reproduce the desired level of quality with less light from the backlight.

Major Applications for Functional Pigments

  • Pigments for color filters

    Pigments for color filters are functional pigments specialized for the color filters in LCD panels. Our green pigment in particular achieves striking brightness and contrast compared to other companies' products.
    We anticipate the LCD panel color filter market will transition on an expanding track in the future against the background of a trend of increasing LCD display sizes. DIC will keep working to develop products matched to the demands of the times.

  • Pigments for ink jet printers

    Pigments for ink jet printers are widely used in homes and industry. For all ink jet printer methods, we are attentive to ease of printing, quality of printed materials, and productivity in the ink production process.

  • Pigments for color toner

    We provide pigments with various pigment properties optimized against the backdrop of accommodating high speed printing, energy savings, and high quality demanded by office applications. We will also keep working in the future to improve cost performance.

Product List

Color Product Name C.I. Pig. No. Applications
Color Toner Color Filter Ink Jet
SYMULER FAST RED Series R-269    
FASTOGEN SUPER Magenta Series R-122  
FASTOGEN SUPER RED Series V-19/R-177  
Yellow SYMULER FAST YELLOW Series Y-151/Y-154/Y-180  
Blue FASTOGEN BLUE Series B-15:3  
FASTOGEN BLUE EP Series B-15:6    
Green FASTOGEN GREEN Series G-36/G-58    
Various colors KET Series Various    
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