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For Aqueous Dispersion

Aqueous-dispersion phenolic resins are water-based with a stable particle shape (average particle diameter approx. 3 μm). Aqueous-dispersion phenolic resins solve the dust problem of powder resins, the flammability problem of alcohol soluble resins, and the storage stability problem of water soluble resins while harnessing the features of conventional phenolic resins.


  1. Many ion-based products (non-ionic, anion, cation), can be used with emulsion-based resins.
  2. A new resin that combines the various form characteristics of current phenolic resins.
  3. Aqueous dispersion type - can be diluted in water to the desired proportion. Can also be thickened with a thickening agent and can be used for spraying, impregnation, coating according to purpose.


  • Inorganic/organic base material binder: Boards for building materials
  • Thermoplastic resin durability improving agent: Impregnation
  • High strength for low resin content adhesion: Wooden boards

Product Lineup

Product Number Type N.V.
pH Features Applications
TD-4304 Non-ionic 39-41 600-1600 4.7-5.1 General purpose Filters, insulation
PE-201L Anionic 41-43 600-2000 8.7-9.3 Low bubbles Heat insulator, wooden boards
PE-602 Cationic 41-43 600-1600 4.7-5.1 Soap free Wet process filters, wooden boards
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