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For Adhesive Compounding

Rubber-based adhesives are used in broad applications. Their ease of use and bonding strength make them extremely useful.
Of those, alkylphenol resins and terpene phenolic resins blended in chloroprene rubber-based (CR) adhesives excel as heat resistance, adhesion, and bonding strength agents for rubber, and they are widely used by many adhesive manufacturers. In addition, there are other resins for compounding including nitrile rubber, vinyl acetate emulsions, rubber latex, epoxy, PVB/PVF, and urethane. DIC stands at the forefront of environmentally friendliness and is developing products friendly to the environment like toluene/xylene-free types and low formaldehyde types.

Product Lineup

Product Name Type Form Applications Fields Features
TD-773 Resol
alkyl phenolic
Yellowish brown mass CR General bonding Delaminates with difficulty
TD-2610 Yellowish brown mass Delaminates with difficulty
TD-2635 Yellowish brown mass Good initial strength
AH-5600 Yellowish brown mass Xylene free
TD-2615 Terpene modified
resol resin
Reddish brown mass CR For shoe production Can be used with isocyanate
TD-2620 Resol
modified phenolic resin
Yellowish brown liquid Nitrile rubber Metal bonding Thermal curing, high heat resistance
TD-2645A Novolac
modified phenolic resin
Reddish brown powder Nitrile rubber General bonding Good vinyl chloride bonding properties
High heat resistance
TD-4304 Resol
phenolic resin
White to yellowish brown
Rubber latex Heating bonding Compatible with
acrylic emulsions
5010 Reddish brown liquid Epoxy Metal bonding Intermediate for metal bonding
5030-40K Reddish brown liquid PVB/PVF Metal bonding Intermediate for metal bonding
TD-1090 Novolac
alkyl phenolic
Yellow mass Urethane General bonding Heat resistance
TD-2640 Yellow mass Initial bonding properties
TD-3130 Yellow mass Adds adhesion
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