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For Insulation (Glass Wool/ Rock Wool Processing)

Glass wool and rock wool insulation bound with phenolic resins are widely used in general housing. They are also used as heat and cold insulation for pipe covers and tanks. DIC offers products suited to the demands of the age by adding new synthesizing techniques to our accumulated technologies cultivated over the years. We have also established techniques to reduce the discharge of formaldehyde, which is restricted by the new Building Standards Act, and we are developing environmentally-friendly products.

Product Lineup

Product Name Type Nonvolatile
pH Water Tolerance
Applications Features
FG-1020 Water soluble resol 43-45 5-7 7.1-7.5 800≤ Glass wool Low
FG-1032 Water soluble resol 45-47 3-5 8.1-8.5 2000≤ Glass wool Low
FQ-6388 Water soluble resol 50-52 <1 7.3-7.7 1000≤ Rock wool Urea additive
FQ-2020 Water soluble resol 49-51 <1 9.0-9.4 2000≤ Rock wool Ash free
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