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For Impregnation/ Lamination Processing/ Coating Ingredient

Phenolic resin varnishes are used in many applications alone or blended with other varnishes. DIC has created resol phenolic resin varnish products for the following applications. We have also developed aqueous-dispersion phenolic resins with small particle diameters that excel in impregnation workability and environmentally-friendly products that contain few monomer components.

Product Examples

  • For filters

    Air filters and oil filters made from filter paper impregnated with phenolic resins filter dirty air and oil to protect automobile engines.

  • For separators

    By impregnating paper and glass fibers with phenolic resin, separators demonstrate excellent acid resistance and can even withstand the strong acids inside batteries.

  • For coatings

    Used as a primer coating and surface coating for electrical/electronic components that use heat resistance and chemical resistance.

  • For laminates

    Strong molded laminates can be obtained through lamination and thermocompression forming by impregnating phenolic resin in a paper, cloth, glass, or carbon base materials.

  • For prepreg

    Phenolic resins can be used as adhesive/reinforcing prepreg by impregnating and drying various base materials. We will research prepreg resins, base material type selections, and supply prepreg according to your desired performance demands.

Product Lineup

Product Name Resin Type Nonvolatile (%) Viscosity Gardner
(B type mPa·s)
Primary Solvents Primary Applications Features
J-325 All resol types 58-62 A-E (50-140) MeOH Laminate impregnation processing coating General purpose, high strength
IF-3300 58-62 100-200 FP<5.0, high strength
5010 56-60 F-L EtOH  
5900 58-62 A-E High heat resistance
TD-2547 50-54 50-100 EtOH MeOH
J-326K 60-64 D-G MeOH Flexible
5030-40K 53-57 ≤C IPA EtOH Sliding properties
5592 53-57 A-D (50-105) EtOH High strength, bonding properties
TD-2506 66-70 H-O MeOH Flexible
TD-2512LV 50-54 100-170 Filter Filterability, high heat resistance
IG-1002 46-50 5-35 Water Separator Acid resistance
PE-602 41-43 600-1600 Water Sheet forming, impregnation processing Cationic aqueous dispersion
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