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Printing Inks

DIC has a wide product portfolio to fulfill the demands of our customers, with high value, environment friendly and products that contribute to a colorful and comfortable lifestyle.

Product Portfolio

  • Offset Inks

  • Gravure and Flexo Inks

  • Metal Decoration Inks

  • Offset Inks

    Contributing to the society with technology solutions for magazines, posters, packaging, newspaper, etc.

    • Sheetfed Inks
    • News Inks
    • Heatset Inks
    • UV Inks
    • Coating Varnishes
    • Pressroom Chemicals and consumables
  • Gravure and Flexo Inks

    For a wide variety of packaging, beverage wrappings, wallpaper / building materials, and many other areas to enhance our everyday lifestyle.

    • Gravure Inks
    • Flexo Inks
    • Adhesives
    • Coatings
  • Metal Decoration Inks

    Various metal decoration inks for food, beverage and beer, and general cans, offering oonvenience and design to our everyday lives.

    • 2 Piece Metal Decoration Inks
    • 3 Piece Metal Decoration Inks
    • UV Metal Decoration Inks


Please contact the nearest local representatives for further information.

Country Company TEL Website
Japan DIC Graphics Corporation TEL:+81-3-3278-0620

http://www.dic-graphics.co.jp/Open in new window

Korea DIC Korea Corp. TEL:+82-2-757-0481
Taiwan DIC Graphics Chia Lung Corp.

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